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Q: What is Flight Action Sports (FAS)?

Flight Action Sports, LLC is home to San Diego County’s premier 6v6 adult flag football leagues and 5v5 adult basketball leagues.  FAS took off in September 2009 with year-round flag football leagues before expanding to adult basketball leagues in March, 2013.  FAS offers both a highly competitive and recreational flag football and basketball leagues for adults 18 and up to ensure players of all skill levels can find a league suited for them. When playing in a Flight Action Sports league, players are given access to online player and game stats, free agent and team sign-ups, location playoffs, all-star games and county championship tourneys, FAS message board access, championship awards and apparel, team photos and videos, and much more…Flight Action Sports is taking sports to new heights!

 Wanna Spike It?!?!……..Join our Upcoming Co-ed Volleyball Leagues

Flight Action Sports is looking to provide San Diego County with co-ed 6-on-6 volleyball leagues starting in Fall 2014.   Stay tuned for more info!

 Flight Action Sports Offers:

  • Online player and team statistics
  • Year-Round leagues starting in January/June/September
  • 10 regular season games with pre and post-season play
  • County championship tourneys
  • All-star tourneys
  • Championship awards and apparel
  • Team or Free Agent sign ups
  • Exciting location playoffs for the top teams in each division
  • Message board called the FAS Forum
  • Competitive divisions for all skill levels
  • Big league discounts

Q: What are the different ways to sign up and how does it work?

To sign up, you can do so online at  Simply click the “Sign Up Now” tab and fill out either your team or free agent registration.  You can also register via fax or mail. 


When signing up a team, only one person (team captain or organizer) may register the entire team.  Teams are allowed to have 14 players max per team roster. You can input all of your players on the online registration roster form and have up until Game Five (not week five) of the regular season to add or subtract players from your roster.

To register your team, you must pay a $100 team deposit to secure a spot.  The remaining balance must be paid up by the second week of games.

Free Agents:

Free agents are players who sign up as individuals.  Once a free agent registers, FAS will then place you on a free agent team of other individual player sign ups or have you placed on a team who needs extra players.

Q: If I have a friend(s) that want to sign up as free agents as well, can we be on the same team?

Absolutely.  It is our goal to ensure that all free agents are on the same team as their friends who sign up as well.

Q: What happens after I sign up? Will I be notified?

You will receive a welcome to FAS email usually within 24 hours of your registration.  This email will provide the details to the league location you have signed up for, payment details, how to get involved to get the best experience possible with our FAS leagues, and all other pertinent details to assist you in getting prepared for the upcoming season.

Q: Can I sign up more than one team?

Absolutely.  FAS even provides “Multiple Locations” discounts for registering multiple teams in our leagues.

Q: Can I play on multiple teams?

Yes, as long as you are not playing on more than one team in the same division as a general rule.  Players may only play on one team in the same division in any Flight Action Sports league. If a player does play on more than one team in a separate division at the same location, that player is only eligible to play with the second team in only one division higher or lower than the original team’s division that player plays for.  For instance, a player who plays for a Div. I team cannot play for a Div. III team. A player who plays on a Div. II team cannot play on a Div. IV team, etc.

Q: What is the age range of FAS leagues?

FAS offers leagues that are 18 & older.  We do, however, have FAS Minor Waiver Forms that need to be filled out by a parent or guardian if the participate is younger than 18 years old.

Q: What sports do you offer?

We currently offer 6v6 men’s and co-ed flag football and 5v5 men’s basketball leagues.  FAS is looking to launch 6v6 co-ed indoor volleyball leagues in Fall 2014.

Q: Where are your leagues located?

We currently offer leagues as far north as Vista and as far south as Chula Vista.  Our goal is to cover all of San Diego County with all of our sports we provide.

Q: Why have there been price increases in league fees?

The City of San Diego and affiliates generally increase their field rates annually.  We simply need to do the same to counteract the increased costs.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major forms of credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), checks (made out to “Flight Action Sports”) and cash.  You must put down a minimum $100 team deposit payment to secure your team’s spot before the season starts or $60 payment for free agents.

Q: Do you offer youth sports?

Not currently.  However, FAS is looking to start Youth Action Sports by early 2015.  Stay tuned for more info!

Flight Action Taking Sports to New Heights

San Diego County's premier flag football, basketball and volleyball competitive sports leagues.