San Diego:

Flag Football

Location Top Performers


22Player Name ? (Fifty Fifty)3266.722000088.47
9Player Name ? (Fifty Fifty)11100140000118.75
6Player Name ? (Fifty Fifty)854755.3609705080.71
21Player Name ? (FortuneBuilders 20)3266.7721000149.58
8Player Name ? (FortuneBuilders 20)87606969810730116.96
5Player Name ? (FortuneBuilders 20)271348.113500401.19
6White, Brian (Unicorn Whisperers)24916867.52536392270128.22
4Player Name ? (Unicorn Whisperers)111005000087.5
3Player Name ? (Unicorn Whisperers)2013652264110122.08
1Retoriano, Kevin (Unicorn Whisperers)332266.7247222084.05
45Veit, Chris (Over the Top)1000000057.92
1Camacho, Hector (Over the Top)30720265.82459463190117.83
0Player Name ? (Over the Top)1110011000110.42
9Quinn, Justin (Good Times)28918664.421533610170101.53
0King, Sheldon (Good Times)382257.9219213059.08
50Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)1110041000122.92
21Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)37927773.134255930120126.96
11Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)1110090000104.17
1Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)4030753925400145
19Nelson, Chandler (Impact)215031000095.83
8Covarrubias, Simon (Impact)29319365.923493417180103.57
6Conerly, Kyle (Impact)1000000057.08
1Flores, Nico (Impact)1000000057.08
14Coleman, Anthony (G A M E)743243.2304414050.53
7Mask, Xavier (G A M E)191473.7211213079.32
3Jones, Harold (G A M E)1217057.97818110064.91
0Player Name ? (G A M E)201155109103024.79
10Player Name ? (Team Sheen)441002000100
7Player Name ? (Team Sheen)1110021000114.58
1Player Name ? (Team Sheen)32921364.727074719130113.65

Rushing & Receiving

Rushing Receiving
21Player Name ? (Fifty Fifty)00008793018
1Player Name ? (Fifty Fifty)00006106106
80Player Name ? (Fifty Fifty)0000152723018
21Player Name ? (FortuneBuilders 20)0000151921310
9Player Name ? (FortuneBuilders 20)1880141182215
8Player Name ? (FortuneBuilders 20)121601312721012
4Player Name ? (FortuneBuilders 20)0000212564226
0Player Name ? (FortuneBuilders 20)00005612012
24Player Name ? (FortuneBuilders 20)0000387106
45Siskowic, Kyle (Unicorn Whisperers)0000313494328
22Emerson, Nick (Unicorn Whisperers)0000426209458
7LaForgia, Erick (Unicorn Whisperers)0000212785538
6White, Brian (Unicorn Whisperers)9103110160106
5Player Name ? (Unicorn Whisperers)0000172572316
1Retoriano, Kevin (Unicorn Whisperers)54910156977206133
50Macauley, Chris (Unicorn Whisperers)0000316106
4Player Name ? (Unicorn Whisperers)0000122602315
8Player Name ? (Unicorn Whisperers)0000385118
89Camacho, Alfonso (Over the Top)0000141493321
84Veit, Tony (Over the Top)0000273004530
44Mack, Lernard (Over the Top)0000172355333
9Fierro, Mario (Over the Top)0000333847347
45Veit, Chris (Over the Top)000044450111076
3Rai, Bhav (Over the Top)000061184125
41Balistrieri, John (Over the Top)000091163018
11Blancato, Matt (Over the Top)0000336288251
99Player Name ? (Over the Top)000011106
24McCray, Smiles (Good Times)67012158812154102
21Player Name ? (Good Times)00003237210366
11Parker, Antonio (Good Times)118180324028252
7Stewart, Lawrence (Good Times)0000151592012
1Mccornell, Q (Good Times)0000172322113
5Cruz, Monte (Good Times)000026324119
55Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)00003352910162
50Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)0000394837756
21Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)556831222131018
13Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)000058788167111
11Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)352170434246138
7Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)257291495839468
0Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)0000234486444
9Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)110100313498864
6Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)110100121532114
19Nelson, Chandler (Impact)223120304488150
17Parris, William (Impact)0000313106
6Conerly, Kyle (Impact)1550213227244
3Yute, Bryce (Impact)0000345185333
2Johnson, Austin (Impact)0000233366541
1Flores, Nico (Impact)2844216754030
9Raj, Katen (Impact)000012144106
24Covarrubias, Carlos (Impact)0000141152113
88Barnett, Courtney (G A M E)000014208106
14Coleman, Anthony (G A M E)9124140304153120
3Jones, Harold (G A M E)20243120202473222
2Player Name ? (G A M E)0000344106
1Clay, Tremaine (G A M E)0000681106
6Caver, Ray (G A M E)00009993018
5Davis, Derrail (G A M E)0000131982012
24Player Name ? (G A M E)0000229106
9Player Name ? (Team Sheen)356190222805336
8Player Name ? (Team Sheen)21370354617348
7Player Name ? (Team Sheen)000039652164104
5Player Name ? (Team Sheen)00004959410570
10Player Name ? (Team Sheen)1660334094330
0Player Name ? (Team Sheen)0000101495030
3Player Name ? (Team Sheen)0000340106


22Player Name ? (Fifty Fifty)200000
9Player Name ? (FortuneBuilders 20)200000
4Player Name ? (FortuneBuilders 20)300000
51Player Name ? (Unicorn Whisperers)100300
45Siskowic, Kyle (Unicorn Whisperers)100600
7LaForgia, Erick (Unicorn Whisperers)200000
6White, Brian (Unicorn Whisperers)410006
5Player Name ? (Unicorn Whisperers)200000
1Retoriano, Kevin (Unicorn Whisperers)700300
0Player Name ? (Unicorn Whisperers)000200
9Fierro, Mario (Over the Top)200100
89Camacho, Alfonso (Over the Top)210106
84Veit, Tony (Over the Top)000300
11Blancato, Matt (Over the Top)600000
45Veit, Chris (Over the Top)100200
41Balistrieri, John (Over the Top)310006
1Mccornell, Q (Good Times)300000
24McCray, Smiles (Good Times)701001
0Player Name ? (Good Times)200000
21Player Name ? (Good Times)200100
68Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)000200
13Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)200000
9Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)200200
55Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)110506
0Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)200000
11Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)000300
21Player Name ? (South Bay Ballers)300000
21Garcia, Hector (Impact)100700
6Conerly, Kyle (Impact)400000
3Yute, Bryce (Impact)000400
5Lane, Gary (Impact)000300
2Johnson, Austin (Impact)310006
1Flores, Nico (Impact)200000
19Nelson, Chandler (Impact)300000
9Raj, Katen (Impact)200000
17Parris, William (Impact)000200
6Caver, Ray (G A M E)200000
88Barnett, Courtney (G A M E)100300
5Davis, Derrail (G A M E)310006
3Jones, Harold (G A M E)200000
7Player Name ? (Team Sheen)600000
6Player Name ? (Team Sheen)300000
5Player Name ? (Team Sheen)811107
8Player Name ? (Team Sheen)100400

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