San Diego:

Flag Football

Location Top Performers


18Player Name ? (Those Guys)603355428632397.08
12Player Name ? (Those Guys)11100110000112.5
9Player Name ? (Those Guys)1000000266.67
7Player Name ? (Those Guys)16911266.3116113610586.69
9Player Name ? (Good Times)27520373.8237336112011108.98
5Player Name ? (Good Times)111005000187.5
88Player Name ? (The Bottomless)1167665.583914353108.84
31Player Name ? (The Bottomless)1000000157.08
12Player Name ? (The Bottomless)1067368.9745858482.58
9Player Name ? (The Bottomless)1110090000104.17
2Player Name ? (The Bottomless)7571.4841102150.83
1Player Name ? (The Bottomless)536037000182.92
84Player Name ? (Young Money)11100000100
21Player Name ? (Young Money)22100181100143.75
10Player Name ? (Young Money)29421974.53501562776143.03
8Player Name ? (Young Money)11100101000147.92
0Player Name ? (Young Money)1110011000110.42
19Nelson, Chandler (Impact)3133.38000040.69
11Y, Jay (Impact)111005000287.5
9Raj, Katen (Impact)52403400120
8Covarrubias, Simon (Impact)864855.8544626069.29
1Flores, Nico (Impact)16710663.51611271245124.38
7Dlugolecki, Matt (Dark Horses)29917558.5215729910399.7
6Conerly, Kyle (Dark Horses)6116.725000033.61

Rushing & Receiving

Rushing Receiving
30Player Name ? (Those Guys)0000121522012
22Player Name ? (Those Guys)0000972117
18Player Name ? (Those Guys)11128120313122216
12Player Name ? (Those Guys)0000222695131
7Player Name ? (Those Guys)172221308123118
3Player Name ? (Those Guys)0000244435131
44Player Name ? (Those Guys)113130131092113
0Player Name ? (Those Guys)0000318106
24Player Name ? (Good Times)22211044779162100
11Player Name ? (Good Times)1660333102216
7Player Name ? (Good Times)0000141483222
6Player Name ? (Good Times)0000182097450
5Player Name ? (Good Times)0000444533018
1Player Name ? (Good Times)0000111482113
2Player Name ? (Good Times)0000152813018
88Player Name ? (The Bottomless)2326411020271128
31Player Name ? (The Bottomless)00005063311268
12Player Name ? (The Bottomless)3238010802115
2Player Name ? (The Bottomless)000091202214
22Player Name ? (The Bottomless)0000640106
1Player Name ? (The Bottomless)0000172314024
7Player Name ? (The Bottomless)0000101052214
84Player Name ? (Young Money)230150507166444
21Player Name ? (Young Money)3196040775184116
13Player Name ? (Young Money)18808632012
11Player Name ? (Young Money)00003260811678
5Player Name ? (Young Money)110100152524228
8Player Name ? (Young Money)113130386508966
99Player Name ? (Young Money)00006902012
7Player Name ? (Young Money)00002512012
6Player Name ? (Young Money)000071322114
10Player Name ? (Young Money)66010018106
24Player Name ? (Young Money)119190141413222
19Nelson, Chandler (Impact)3301004170813384
11Y, Jay (Impact)1880141661312
9Raj, Katen (Impact)1440273382420
8Covarrubias, Simon (Impact)91281408912114
5Lane, Gary (Impact)0000274227246
3Yute, Bryce (Impact)0000284657144
67F, Jay (Impact)000014106
52Player Name ? (Dark Horses)0000111513018
6Conerly, Kyle (Dark Horses)3421406278510567
4Player Name ? (Dark Horses)2189015264117
2Johnson, Austin (Dark Horses)1110414196036
25Robinson, Dustin (Dark Horses)0000163586137
37Player Name ? (Dark Horses)000029106
31Player Name ? (Dark Horses)0000151622215


3Player Name ? (Those Guys)200100
12Player Name ? (Those Guys)000200
25Player Name ? (Good Times)100200
24Player Name ? (Good Times)500000
6Player Name ? (Good Times)200000
5Player Name ? (Good Times)000200
1Player Name ? (Good Times)200000
31Player Name ? (The Bottomless)200000
7Player Name ? (The Bottomless)200000
11Player Name ? (Young Money)200000
7Player Name ? (Young Money)600100
84Player Name ? (Young Money)000300
21Player Name ? (Young Money)5301018
8Player Name ? (Young Money)812008
4Player Name ? (Young Money)000300
5Player Name ? (Young Money)200100
24Player Name ? (Young Money)300000
19Nelson, Chandler (Impact)700000
9Raj, Katen (Impact)410106
67F, Jay (Impact)000200
11Y, Jay (Impact)200000
37Player Name ? (Dark Horses)0001200
4Player Name ? (Dark Horses)200000
2Johnson, Austin (Dark Horses)300000

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