San Diego:

Flag Football

Location Top Performers


7Ritterbeck, Mark (That Team)281967.92613120103.54
1White, Anthony (That Team)26017266.222563215191102.37
55Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)27517362.9182923923175.33
22Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)6233.31900110
17Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)15853.386112136.81
5Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)11100110000112.5
55Player Name ? (Gettin Blitzed)3133.3000110
27Player Name ? (Gettin Blitzed)11100350000118.75
21Stevenson, Brian (Gettin Blitzed)11100100002108.33
14Moulaw, Bret (Gettin Blitzed)3266.712000274.58
11Harding, Matt (Gettin Blitzed)835262.7541844793.79
10Romero, Kyle (Gettin Blitzed)18612165.11264231011599.51
76Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)111004000183.33
45Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)111002000075
27Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)38525766.826664018138107.33
22Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)11100000110
17Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)11100180001118.75
15Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)1000000266.67
12Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)11100100000108.33
10Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)11100000100
7Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)221008000183.33
1Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)7457.11600200
32Crow, Jeremy (Team Impact)11100110001112.5
10Perkins, Chris (Team Impact)34222365.235654618189117.34
8Giang, Gilbert (Team Impact)111003000079.17
6Paggett, James (Team Impact)11100000110
0Player Name ? (Team Impact)16956.3115201192.24
25Ward, Kevin (Al Capones Boyz)11100190000118.75
21Abbod, Allen (Al Capones Boyz)29418964.3250734181510108.24
18Ali, Isaac (Al Capones Boyz)111005010087.5
10Zura, Seroor (Al Capones Boyz)3266.71800100
1Givens, Brandon (Al Capones Boyz)22100000230
0Nawabi, AJ (Al Capones Boyz)11100251000158.33

Rushing & Receiving

Rushing Receiving
22Player Name ? (That Team)000011185139
21Manning, Sly (That Team)00005466010566
12Henning, John (That Team)0000223848250
15Gaines, Donald (That Team)00003169910262
7Ritterbeck, Mark (That Team)0000354406339
88Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)0000202263119
10Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)0000415433322
4Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)0000334824226
1Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)0000314068250
32Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)00001381117
8Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)0000566106
19Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)0000119106
86Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)0000536106
25Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)0000219106
22Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)0000341118
24Williams, Kurt (Gettin Blitzed)0000102013119
22Shadwell, Roger (Gettin Blitzed)000035300106
14Moulaw, Bret (Gettin Blitzed)0000302856440
7Hudson, Phil (Gettin Blitzed)00003852410568
6Meier, Riki (Gettin Blitzed)000092234024
2Graham, Jerad (Gettin Blitzed)0000312496339
3Player Name ? (Gettin Blitzed)000013106
111Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)0000217106
57Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)119190384307144
17Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)00005162710668
8Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)0000131704126
7Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)0000737308048
56Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)0000101143018
45Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)0000211902214
81Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)0000769129
30Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)0000573128
11Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)00005402012
15Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)0000555117
38Williams, Emmit (Team Impact)0000182765334
32Crow, Jeremy (Team Impact)0000181505030
8Giang, Gilbert (Team Impact)0000243745133
7Jones, Brian (Team Impact)0000244547348
6Paggett, James (Team Impact)00002559810264
1Watson, Jerome (Team Impact)0000294602114
0Player Name ? (Team Impact)1990244556342
31Wilson, Steve (Team Impact)0000647129
2Green, Patrick (Team Impact)000081303120
81Howarth, Jonny (Team Impact)000072162114
14Waines, Kenny (Team Impact)00005121106
11Player Name ? (Team Impact)0000798118
25Abbod, Ed (Al Capones Boyz)0000242213321
24Harris, Blair (Al Capones Boyz)0000182782418
10Zura, Seroor (Al Capones Boyz)113130588106
3Balistreri, John (Al Capones Boyz)0000252245030
1Givens, Brandon (Al Capones Boyz)000056943166103
18Ali, Isaac (Al Capones Boyz)0000295267244
0Nawabi, AJ (Al Capones Boyz)0000172471310


15Gaines, Donald (That Team)500000
1White, Anthony (That Team)702002
21Manning, Sly (That Team)200400
7Ritterbeck, Mark (That Team)410006
6Bixler, Bill (That Team)200200
8Player Name ? (That Team)100200
0Anderson, Josh (That Team)200000
4Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)7200012
10Player Name ? (Sharp Shooters)202002
7Hudson, Phil (Gettin Blitzed)410106
24Williams, Kurt (Gettin Blitzed)610306
13Edick, Tom (Gettin Blitzed)300000
57Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)000200
27Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)200300
15Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)210006
11Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)000300
8Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)410006
7Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)411007
21Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)000200
17Player Name ? (Big Bootoo)300000
81Howarth, Jonny (Team Impact)210006
6Paggett, James (Team Impact)200000
1Watson, Jerome (Team Impact)500000
14Waines, Kenny (Team Impact)500000
7Jones, Brian (Team Impact)310006
2Green, Patrick (Team Impact)300000
25Ward, Kevin (Team Impact)000200
1Givens, Brandon (Al Capones Boyz)910006
10Zura, Seroor (Al Capones Boyz)110506
0Nawabi, AJ (Al Capones Boyz)600000
18Ali, Isaac (Al Capones Boyz)310006

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