San Diego:

Flag Football

Location Top Performers


21Player Name ? (Gang Green)3224753376210135.03
69Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)181266.7120201299.58
15Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)20213064.4173727151210106.08
12Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)11100200002118.75
6Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)1110090000104.17
5Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)3133.340010081.67
3Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)22100280002118.75
0Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)441000040066.67
8Gatdula, Eric (Just the Tip)211676.21403101132.78
7Ejanda, Augusto (Just the Tip)221009000085.42
4Dela Cruz, Roel (Just the Tip)26119173.2234932211210120.84
16Player Name ? (X Rated)2210015010397.92
15Player Name ? (X Rated)1000000166.67
13Player Name ? (X Rated)14610672.6130717354124.76
12Player Name ? (X Rated)1000000162.92
10Player Name ? (X Rated)594169.5459634197.65
8Player Name ? (X Rated)88596776311250109.95
7Player Name ? (X Rated)3266.7500100
4Player Name ? (X Rated)11100120000116.67
75Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)1000000266.67
12Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)21505000154.17
7Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)1110080001100
4Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)34723166.6256237191010112.22
52Brewer, David (MaMas Clique)24819277.421463715104125.09
13Diaz, Henry (MaMas Clique)111006000191.67
12Tyrone, You Can Call On (MaMas Clique)437521000086.46
6warren, charles (MaMas Clique)654467.7421333181.89
5Player Name ? (MaMas Clique)1110090002104.17
4Coombs, Jeremy (MaMas Clique)5510036001313.33
2diaz, Trevor (MaMas Clique)2150000100
0Warren, Charles (MaMas Clique)1110080001100
58Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)311445.2233321089.72
51Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)1000000139.58
13Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)11100440001118.75
12Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)23414260.72034228141095.54
7Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)11100290000118.75
1Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)8337.5691003109.27
15Player Name ? (Shredz)1000000033.75
12Player Name ? (Shredz)11100170000118.75
9Player Name ? (Shredz)1000000266.67
6Player Name ? (Shredz)34324471.131255028168119.36
3Player Name ? (Shredz)11100601001158.33
2Player Name ? (Shredz)1110080000100
0Player Name ? (Shredz)111000010066.67
52Player Name ? (Gold Rush)1000000066.67
27Bautista, Jester (Gold Rush)11100150000118.75
16Pendleton, Gary (Gold Rush)33122668.32689411594120.85
13Player Name ? (Gold Rush)3266.7310000100.97
10Rodriguez, Orlando (Gold Rush)11100130000118.75
7Esquer, Tony (Gold Rush)1110080000100
5Navarro, Rodney (Gold Rush)2210015000097.92
2De Luna , Kean (Gold Rush)11100270000118.75
1Hawkens , Daren (Gold Rush)11100190000118.75
40Cibrian, Julian (Bomb Squad)33100602002158.33
13Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)11100170000118.75
12Miller, Kirk (Bomb Squad)32524575.4287242202013115.35
11Estrada, Kris (Bomb Squad)33100351002154.86
7Barry, Adam (Bomb Squad)11100101001147.92
3Mitchell, Brian (Bomb Squad)111003000179.17

Rushing & Receiving

Rushing Receiving
54Barksdale, Demetrius (Gang Green)0000673118
28Gallegos, Jesse (Gang Green)0000341106
5Haro, Daniel (Gang Green)0000490119
4Thomaselli, Alex (Gang Green)00006903018
12Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)0000384615537
5Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)0000183857245
1Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)1330285348453
14Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)0000101184125
8Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)0000141993120
3Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)000015152128
2Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)0000334106
26Hernandez, Raymond (Just the Tip)000013153118
11Diaz, Adam (Just the Tip)0000364544636
8Gatdula, Eric (Just the Tip)4411003459012478
7Ejanda, Augusto (Just the Tip)0000485698250
6Dela Cruz, Ritz (Just the Tip)0000171622417
4Dela Cruz, Roel (Just the Tip)384291113261012
12Estepa, Andrew (Just the Tip)0000101163221
10Ejanda, Ron (Just the Tip)0000202182216
5Napalan, Oliver (Just the Tip)0000759106
21Quilon, Jon (Just the Tip)0000691117
24Player Name ? (X Rated)0000323862114
15Player Name ? (X Rated)00002443512276
3Player Name ? (X Rated)00009136106
2Player Name ? (X Rated)0000495567347
1Player Name ? (X Rated)0000762106
20Player Name ? (X Rated)1550385196036
10Player Name ? (X Rated)110100182314126
8Player Name ? (X Rated)54790567118
75Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000546357547
21Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000374617547
7Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)00004968914488
1Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000494444327
47Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000111523018
2Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000432117
12Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000547106
22Vagina, ViVi (MaMas Clique)0000212043119
6warren, charles (MaMas Clique)73650453688353
4Coombs, Jeremy (MaMas Clique)00005162813484
2diaz, Trevor (MaMas Clique)00005532012
0Player Name ? (MaMas Clique)000013209106
52Brewer, David (MaMas Clique)3234111019183128
13Diaz, Henry (MaMas Clique)0000192834227
3Balistreri, John (MaMas Clique)0000252484125
1Player Name ? (MaMas Clique)0000344106
25Player Name ? (MaMas Clique)000011128129
33Anaylaza, Felipe (MaMas Clique)0000433106
8Is not black, Isiah (MaMas Clique)0000160106
24Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)000071492114
19Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)000081152012
13Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)0000172583018
7Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)17704395415497
11Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)000013113118
10Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)000013174106
26Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)00005762012
50Player Name ? (Shredz)0000131802012
9Player Name ? (Shredz)132321395788564
3Player Name ? (Shredz)0000536709665
2Player Name ? (Shredz)00003239511576
1Player Name ? (Shredz)00005786511780
0Player Name ? (Shredz)0000151686341
5Player Name ? (Shredz)000091482114
16Player Name ? (Shredz)0000170106
15Player Name ? (Shredz)000010108118
27Bautista, Jester (Gold Rush)0000446739256
24Rodriguez, Edgar (Gold Rush)000012140106
10Rodriguez, Orlando (Gold Rush)0000232113222
8Hairston, Patrick (Gold Rush)0000443118
5Navarro, Rodney (Gold Rush)00006066114185
9Daley, Tim (Gold Rush)00007492215
2De Luna , Kean (Gold Rush)0000435686342
1Hawkens , Daren (Gold Rush)0000132364125
23Herrera, Eric (Gold Rush)00009105129
40Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)0000394095131
32Young, Josh (Bomb Squad)154541233307351
11Estrada, Kris (Bomb Squad)15505277014287
3Mitchell, Brian (Bomb Squad)0000435748352
1Hosang, Matthew (Bomb Squad)1220536479661
5Cunningham, Lamar (Bomb Squad)0000769117
7Barry, Adam (Bomb Squad)00005722113


5Haro, Daniel (Gang Green)210006
5Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)600000
72Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)000600
11Player Name ? (LPD 22 Bolts)000200
8Gatdula, Eric (Just the Tip)200100
1Malong, Jerel (Just the Tip)000300
26Hernandez, Raymond (Just the Tip)610006
21Quilon, Jon (Just the Tip)200000
3Ejanda, Gerald (Just the Tip)300100
20Player Name ? (X Rated)000400
5Player Name ? (X Rated)400000
52Player Name ? (X Rated)000200
99Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)100900
21Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)310406
7Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)310006
75Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)402002
47Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)310006
1Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)000200
6Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)200000
22Vagina, ViVi (MaMas Clique)100500
13Diaz, Henry (MaMas Clique)200100
6warren, charles (MaMas Clique)300100
2diaz, Trevor (MaMas Clique)210006
19Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)300000
7Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)610106
1Player Name ? (Downtown Fitness SD)300000
9Player Name ? (Shredz)500100
5Player Name ? (Shredz)400200
0Player Name ? (Shredz)200000
6Player Name ? (Shredz)502002
3Player Name ? (Shredz)300000
5Navarro, Rodney (Gold Rush)400200
9Daley, Tim (Gold Rush)200000
8Hairston, Patrick (Gold Rush)000600
1Hawkens , Daren (Gold Rush)803003
7Barry, Adam (Bomb Squad)400000
5Cunningham, Lamar (Bomb Squad)410706
4Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)000900
6Menath, Jacob (Bomb Squad)210006
32Young, Josh (Bomb Squad)400000
24Bolden, Keeynan (Bomb Squad)300000

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