San Diego:

Flag Football

Location Top Performers


98Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)1110011000110.42
52Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)251664186213163.08
24Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)311548.4257302382
23Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)11100150000118.75
10Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)16711468.3178224890120.34
7Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)22100381000158.33
18Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)11100100000108.33
14Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)5480651100158.33
4Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)27518868.41999211013294.8
1Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)1000000058.75
32Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)11100201001158.33
12Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)14610672.610299591587.15
11Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)11100120001116.67
10Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)11100000110
6Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)111006000391.67
1Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)1087064.8846819778.86
43Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)111003000179.17
24Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)215015000075
23Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)22100270000118.75
12Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)34021061.830004417173109.26
11Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)822558100092.71
10Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)11100100102108.33
1Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)1000000066.67
0Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)11100100000108.33
25Player Name ? (Misfits)44100420101110.42
23Player Name ? (Misfits)1000000066.67
12Player Name ? (Misfits)1000000066.67
10Player Name ? (Misfits)28020773.93003461680136.12
9Player Name ? (Misfits)33100320000111.11
5Player Name ? (Misfits)1475078101161.01
4Player Name ? (Misfits)11100000100
3Player Name ? (Misfits)322784.44059401158.33
2Player Name ? (Misfits)215011000066.67
0Player Name ? (Misfits)111007000095.83
29Player Name ? (Mobb Deep)11100101001147.92
9Sanchez, Edgar (Mobb Deep)11100100001108.33
8Lopez, Steven (Mobb Deep)22100241000156.25
1Ehm, Kenny (Mobb Deep)34826676.430244425156123.25
0Marquez, Armando (Mobb Deep)22100441001158.33
99Player Name ? (HNL)1000000066.67
23Player Name ? (HNL)30221370.52511431993123.06
9Player Name ? (HNL)44100320001100
4Player Name ? (HNL)2012602775100143.75
1Player Name ? (HNL)22100441000158.33
12Player Name ? (Scoreboard)11100501001158.33
7Player Name ? (Scoreboard)362877.83064213127.55
1Player Name ? (Scoreboard)251768156224244.75
0Player Name ? (Scoreboard)17411163.8127616411590.28
21Player Name ? (Shredz)22100220001112.5
9Player Name ? (Shredz)33420661.726013612115108.4
7Player Name ? (Shredz)2210015000197.92
3Player Name ? (Shredz)111004000083.33
1Player Name ? (Shredz)111003000079.17
99Player Name ? (Gang Green)342161.82744100126.54
28Mex, (Gang Green)33100161001128.47
21Street, (Gang Green)18113373.51500211486117.7
7Stew, (Gang Green)1359570.4124515679114.27
4AlexLLs, (Gang Green)55100492005147.08
2Player Name ? (Gang Green)11100000100

Rushing & Receiving

Rushing Receiving
52Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)335120212664126
24Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)8160201275177048
15Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)0000132776342
7Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)0000224406341
4Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)0000194236238
99Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)000011106
11Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)00009129106
75Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000414013423
21Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000283316238
12Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000141462315
7Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000384747143
1Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)000038473117
54Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000539106
24Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000671106
5Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)0000148106
32Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)0000182442012
11Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)0000475876036
10Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)0000377106
7Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)000011104117
5Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)000010141128
1Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)8709015139117
6Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)0000141162012
3Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)0000151812012
15Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)0000101302113
23Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)00004165311574
11Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)0000263935132
1Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)0000182434226
0Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)0000212003322
43Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)000012199106
13Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)0000244465132
37Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)000071094024
2Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)00008121106
30Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)00005612012
3Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)0000122256137
8Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)0000110106
24Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)000071462216
24Player Name ? (Misfits)0000326228558
21Player Name ? (Misfits)1330253787348
9Player Name ? (Misfits)1330345344330
8Player Name ? (Misfits)0000141593018
2Player Name ? (Misfits)110100131476036
4Player Name ? (Misfits)0000254298252
1Player Name ? (Misfits)0000293798456
25Player Name ? (Misfits)0000302687144
3Player Name ? (Misfits)452130111802114
5Player Name ? (Misfits)1440254283222
9Sanchez, Edgar (Mobb Deep)0000324354430
8Lopez, Steven (Mobb Deep)0000312943018
3Espinoza, Johnny (Mobb Deep)0000202164328
1Ehm, Kenny (Mobb Deep)527451442141030
0Marquez, Armando (Mobb Deep)00008888312882
6Rodriguez , Johnny (Mobb Deep)0000234308354
5Gray, Dorian (Mobb Deep)0000192677447
2Randy, Robledo (Mobb Deep)0000479106
24Thorell, Corey (Mobb Deep)0000101182012
7Lee, Josh (Mobb Deep)0000121855131
10Player Name ? (HNL)0000468117
9Player Name ? (HNL)00006067810060
5Player Name ? (HNL)0000323705232
4Player Name ? (HNL)3782603955110568
1Player Name ? (HNL)000062813168107
88Player Name ? (HNL)0000112066441
53Player Name ? (HNL)0000477106
12Player Name ? (Scoreboard)0000213384126
11Player Name ? (Scoreboard)000017255106
7Player Name ? (Scoreboard)225130253455232
1Player Name ? (Scoreboard)000011120106
33Player Name ? (Scoreboard)0000221932113
3Player Name ? (Scoreboard)21050233489256
2Player Name ? (Scoreboard)0000116106
50Player Name ? (Shredz)0000161622012
7Player Name ? (Shredz)0000293005132
3Player Name ? (Shredz)0000506506342
1Player Name ? (Shredz)111110253795538
0Player Name ? (Shredz)00002952010264
21Player Name ? (Shredz)0000253195030
6Player Name ? (Shredz)00008106106
5Player Name ? (Shredz)000012144118
98Player Name ? (Shredz)0000236106
54Barksdale, Demetrius (Gang Green)0000364833833
21Street, (Gang Green)28365133284517060
11AJ, (Gang Green)0000294177756
7Stew, (Gang Green)21321153222454144
4AlexLLs, (Gang Green)0000444864228
1Player Name ? (Gang Green)000071112114
0Player Name ? (Gang Green)0000122043018
28Mex, (Gang Green)0000272105030
14Player Name ? (Gang Green)0000219106
3Lewis, Darryn (Gang Green)00005903018
2Player Name ? (Gang Green)000091343018
46Lou, (Gang Green)0000666106


7Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)200100
4Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)300000
24Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)210306
10Player Name ? (No Punt Intended)210006
1Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)200200
21Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)300100
75Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)200000
7Player Name ? (Bands That Dance)210006
24Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)200000
10Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)000200
32Player Name ? (Bomb Squad)210006
23Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)400000
0Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)000200
1Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)410006
8Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)000300
24Player Name ? (Backfield Penetration)210006
8Player Name ? (Misfits)300100
21Player Name ? (Misfits)200000
24Player Name ? (Misfits)610006
1Player Name ? (Misfits)000500
4Player Name ? (Misfits)200000
9Player Name ? (Misfits)210106
5Player Name ? (Misfits)110206
25Player Name ? (Misfits)000300
2Player Name ? (Misfits)302002
24Thorell, Corey (Mobb Deep)110806
3Espinoza, Johnny (Mobb Deep)400000
2Randy, Robledo (Mobb Deep)200000
5Gray, Dorian (Mobb Deep)201001
4Trujillo , Angelo (Mobb Deep)210006
5Player Name ? (HNL)302002
1Player Name ? (HNL)10200012
23Player Name ? (HNL)210206
11Player Name ? (HNL)200100
4Player Name ? (HNL)200000
33Player Name ? (Scoreboard)000700
3Player Name ? (Scoreboard)500000
7Player Name ? (Scoreboard)200000
1Player Name ? (Scoreboard)000200
9Player Name ? (Shredz)400000
5Player Name ? (Shredz)500200
3Player Name ? (Shredz)200100
7Player Name ? (Shredz)400000
98Player Name ? (Shredz)000400
54Barksdale, Demetrius (Gang Green)310206
1Player Name ? (Gang Green)200000
21Street, (Gang Green)400100
11AJ, (Gang Green)200000
7Stew, (Gang Green)510106
24Roberts, Joel (Gang Green)100400
3Lewis, Darryn (Gang Green)200000

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