San Diego:

Flag Football

Location Top Performers


64Player Name ? (The Revolution)111003000079.17
50Player Name ? (The Revolution)11100100000108.33
37Player Name ? (The Revolution)22100281000158.33
33Player Name ? (The Revolution)221008000083.33
27Player Name ? (The Revolution)111006000091.67
20Player Name ? (The Revolution)23016471.319042812165106.34
9Player Name ? (The Revolution)1000000061.25
8Player Name ? (The Revolution)111006000091.67
98Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)1110011000110.42
20Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)111005000287.5
18Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)22100600100
14Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)9444.4631001104.95
8Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)31121669.523923714169109.78
5Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)111003000179.17
4Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)3266.74000263.47
1Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)11100400101118.75
0Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)231460.9175212177.37
21Esteban, Ryan (Maganda Forever)1000000252.92
15Ta, Ryan (Maganda Forever)30621871.2312240141218127
14Catugda, Geoffrey (Maganda Forever)111004000083.33
13Hur, Erik (Maganda Forever)22100240005116.67
12Player Name ? (Maganda Forever)11100170002118.75
25Whiteside, Chris (WAR)11100101000147.92
15Player Name ? (WAR)1110090001104.17
11Charley, Greg (WAR)11100100000108.33
9Lee, Dashay (WAR)4375430001109.38
8Rodriguez, Joey (WAR)25715359.525024226413125.75
3Perkins, Deonte (WAR)1066043000070
94Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)11100100001108.33
22Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)33100953001158.33
15Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)22100280001118.75
13T, Brandon (PowderPuff Boys)37625768.428474020164108.03
12Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)11100321001158.33
10A, Ryan (PowderPuff Boys)11100100000108.33
6S, Johnny (PowderPuff Boys)11100161000158.33
3E, Christian (PowderPuff Boys)11763.685401289.32
2D, Kean (PowderPuff Boys)11100101000147.92
1Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)1110021000114.58

Rushing & Receiving

Rushing Receiving
64Player Name ? (The Revolution)0000141672113
33Player Name ? (The Revolution)386291262772119
23Player Name ? (The Revolution)00008922012
11Player Name ? (The Revolution)00003862615599
10Player Name ? (The Revolution)00009111106
6Player Name ? (The Revolution)111024247129
3Player Name ? (The Revolution)0000861106
55Player Name ? (The Revolution)0000112106
12Player Name ? (The Revolution)0000239106
0Player Name ? (The Revolution)0000131913324
18Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)0000293663221
14Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)00005362710569
5Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)0000305238353
4Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)000028197118
3Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)0000252885030
2Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)0000161936138
1Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)0000293726442
99Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)000011106
12Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)0000118106
56Poquiz, Jason (Maganda Forever)0000385209564
31Gamat, Ashton (Maganda Forever)000013543106
25Yeo, Branden (Maganda Forever)00004366210162
14Catugda, Geoffrey (Maganda Forever)0000211852012
13Hur, Erik (Maganda Forever)00004258712579
11Kodama, Lucas (Maganda Forever)0000313774328
86Player Name ? (Maganda Forever)0000101872012
80Scotto, Lenny (WAR)0000210117
25Whiteside, Chris (WAR)00002020741034
11Charley, Greg (WAR)0000263996339
6Brooks, Gio (WAR)0000163814024
5Smith, Dejon (WAR)0000366139155
3Perkins, Deonte (WAR)1770285579661
22St. Cyr, Mausard (WAR)000041383018
12Whiteside, Will (WAR)0000219106
9Lee, Dashay (WAR)00005632012
2Player Name ? (WAR)0000345117
28Anderson, Dominick (WAR)00005732012
24Player Name ? (WAR)0000542117
94Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)000024237117
22Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)00003651210365
13T, Brandon (PowderPuff Boys)272761004642012
6S, Johnny (PowderPuff Boys)0000556707954
3E, Christian (PowderPuff Boys)11106100435149358
2D, Kean (PowderPuff Boys)0000334394125
1Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)0000181224126
15Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)0000111153018
10A, Ryan (PowderPuff Boys)0000374106
18Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)0000110106
9Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)0000227106
0Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)0000111852114
5M, Matt (PowderPuff Boys)00003452012
36Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)000015106
32Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)00008723018


33Player Name ? (The Revolution)100700
64Player Name ? (The Revolution)000200
20Player Name ? (The Revolution)000200
15Player Name ? (The Revolution)000200
6Player Name ? (The Revolution)210006
55Player Name ? (The Revolution)000200
5Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)600000
2Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)100200
18Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)000200
8Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)200000
1Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)300000
99Player Name ? (Thats What She Said)000300
56Poquiz, Jason (Maganda Forever)000600
15Ta, Ryan (Maganda Forever)300000
25Yeo, Branden (Maganda Forever)300100
13Hur, Erik (Maganda Forever)200000
21Esteban, Ryan (Maganda Forever)400000
25Whiteside, Chris (WAR)300000
9Lee, Dashay (WAR)600000
11Charley, Greg (WAR)200000
3Perkins, Deonte (WAR)2200012
15Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)000300
11Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)000500
8S, Tristan (PowderPuff Boys)300000
5M, Matt (PowderPuff Boys)400000
55Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)000300
22Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)10201012
10A, Ryan (PowderPuff Boys)200000
19Player Name ? (PowderPuff Boys)000200

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