San Diego:

Flag Football

Location Top Performers


15Player Name ? (Free Agent)151066.71853201148.89
9Player Name ? (Free Agent)12866.769111174.93
98Player Name ? (WAR)1110011000110.42
80Scotto, Lenny (WAR)1110080001100
17Whiteside, Will (WAR)111005000187.5
15Player Name ? (WAR)11100100000108.33
9Lee, Dashay (WAR)2017852343121113.33
8Rodriguez , Joey (WAR)25918169.923383936167111.87
6Brooks, Gio (WAR)22100451002158.33
5Player Name ? (WAR)14857.166101363.27
4Bright, Tyshon (WAR)11100150001118.75
3Player Name ? (WAR)11100401000158.33
0Stewart , Juan (WAR)111005000087.5
14Ruso, Jared (Old and Slow)15510265.8106113714175.93
9Crawford, Mike (Old and Slow)111003000179.17
8Coombs, Jeremy (Old and Slow)17912469.31645221285118.84
7Coffey, Cameron (Old and Slow)1000000159.58
4Gallo, Marc (Old and Slow)22100300000118.75
88Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)1000000066.67
71Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)11100151000158.33
13Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)11100000110
10Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)191157.9115211188.79
8Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)1000000050.42
3Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)35422062.124554119189100.07
1Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)441001300230
84Player Name ? (All Money In)11100000100
11Player Name ? (All Money In)11100400001118.75
7Player Name ? (All Money In)11100100002108.33
5Player Name ? (All Money In)272385.21953200133.8
1Player Name ? (All Money In)27520373.8217735171121119.65
0Player Name ? (All Money In)4250422003127.08
47Player Name ? (Thundercats HOOOO)1000000043.75
14Williams , Emmett (Thundercats HOOOO)24716265.61707221012395.33
10Player Name ? (Thundercats HOOOO)111005000187.5
6ZEUS, Albert (Thundercats HOOOO)215010000064.58
51TIME, ZAY (Thundercats HOOOO)11100100001108.33

Rushing & Receiving

Rushing Receiving
15Player Name ? (Free Agent)0000449106
13Player Name ? (Free Agent)1990452118
9Player Name ? (Free Agent)1151504722114
85Neighborhood , ? (WAR)0000182343422
25Whiteside, Chris (WAR)00003632271659
22St. Cyr, Mausard (WAR)0000162993321
11Charley, Greg (WAR)0000353515939
9Lee, Dashay (WAR)0000469106
6Brooks, Gio (WAR)0000123174024
4Bright, Tyshaun (WAR)0000152685131
0Stewart , Juan (WAR)0000111773119
99Player Name ? (WAR)000011106
17Whiteside, Will (WAR)00009862113
1Player Name ? (WAR)0000318106
7McGill, Henry (WAR)00001843011167
18Lewis, Daniel (Old and Slow)0000171221311
14Ruso, Jared (Old and Slow)663110173033222
13Diaz, Henry (Old and Slow)0000224428251
9Crawford, Mike (Old and Slow)0000373542418
7Coffey, Cameron (Old and Slow)0000334585234
4Gallo, Marc (Old and Slow)000017137106
3Player Name ? (Old and Slow)0000347106
1Ramirez, Juice (Old and Slow)00003651512173
2Fitzmaurice, Jack (Old and Slow)0000142291310
5Murphy, Andre (Old and Slow)0000698128
88Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)0000334186441
30Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)000081513119
25Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)0000111725131
24Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)0000404018556
13Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)000012111129
10Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)224120161955333
1Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)00006602012
9Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)0000336106
15Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)0000253337143
20Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)0000181933119
71Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)00007802114
42Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)0000564106
99Player Name ? (All Money In)000012902012
84Player Name ? (All Money In)0000272102214
23Player Name ? (All Money In)0000223519459
22Player Name ? (All Money In)0000162234226
11Player Name ? (All Money In)000011153106
2Player Name ? (All Money In)1550172143018
5Player Name ? (All Money In)5296010694226
0Player Name ? (All Money In)0000425067446
24Player Name ? (All Money In)0000101092113
8Player Name ? (All Money In)0000459106
10Player Name ? (All Money In)0000191934226
7Player Name ? (All Money In)000011137117
22JJ, JJ (Thundercats HOOOO)0000182052113
6ZEUS, Albert (Thundercats HOOOO)0000171904024
51TIME, ZAY (Thundercats HOOOO)0000163389357
2LATEX, Eugene (Thundercats HOOOO)000013982214
10Player Name ? (Thundercats HOOOO)0000192002113
3AKO MABILIS , Erik (Thundercats HOOOO)000017174106
30Player Name ? (Thundercats HOOOO)00008106117
45Player Name ? (Thundercats HOOOO)0000160106


9Player Name ? (Free Agent)210006
11Charley, Greg (WAR)410306
4Bright, Tyshaun (WAR)9200012
0Stewart , Juan (WAR)200200
9Lee, Dashay (WAR)5200012
22St. Cyr, Mausard (WAR)3200012
25Whiteside, Chris (WAR)300200
3Player Name ? (WAR)000200
88Nelson, Eric (Old and Slow)000300
7Coffey, Cameron (Old and Slow)500000
1Ramirez, Juice (Old and Slow)210006
8Coombs, Jeremy (Old and Slow)200000
13Diaz, Henry (Old and Slow)000300
99Player Name ? (Old and Slow)000300
14Ruso, Jared (Old and Slow)200000
9Crawford, Mike (Old and Slow)300000
34Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)400000
10Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)710006
15Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)210006
13Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)100300
1Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)0001500
11Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)200000
71Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)410006
99Player Name ? (All Money In)200000
24Player Name ? (All Money In)300000
11Player Name ? (All Money In)400500
0Player Name ? (All Money In)200000
14Williams , Emmett (Thundercats HOOOO)000200
51TIME, ZAY (Thundercats HOOOO)602002
10Player Name ? (Thundercats HOOOO)200000
0Player Name ? (Thundercats HOOOO)000200

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