San Diego:

Flag Football

Location Top Performers


58Player Name ? (Top Shelf)766180.385314718147.53
21Player Name ? (Top Shelf)3266.7501103149.58
17Player Name ? (Top Shelf)11100210002118.75
15Player Name ? (Top Shelf)19213469.81919351686124.28
8Player Name ? (Top Shelf)2015752473200155.63
23Player Name ? (Delta Squad)111006000091.67
14Player Name ? (Delta Squad)22615869.91761301372119.56
11Player Name ? (Delta Squad)215012000068.75
4Player Name ? (Delta Squad)373183.84588714146.57
10Kirkpatrick, A.J. (Muscle Hamsters)111004000083.33
9Scilibia, Travis (Muscle Hamsters)3266.7380003110
6Thurab, Idrees (Muscle Hamsters)301860134204237.36
5Player Name ? (Muscle Hamsters)111005000287.5
4Player Name ? (Muscle Hamsters)1110021000114.58
2Ruiz, Gio (Muscle Hamsters)29320971.3248741231413116.29
1Kapka, Kevin (Muscle Hamsters)111005000087.5
87Player Name ? (Blackout)1000000166.67
14Player Name ? (Blackout)2210015000597.92
10W, Jesse (Blackout)1000000066.67
8Player Name ? (Blackout)11100601005158.33
4N, Junior (Blackout)21013363.315962681117104.01
2Player Name ? (Blackout)241770.8236304272.36
1J, Dashon (Blackout)1055098202340.83

Rushing & Receiving

Rushing Receiving
58Player Name ? (Top Shelf)798140131591210
20Player Name ? (Top Shelf)00003469714390
17Player Name ? (Top Shelf)00004156510570
13Player Name ? (Top Shelf)0000162902624
2Pritchett, Dieguito (Top Shelf)0000253797246
1Player Name ? (Top Shelf)1101002747013486
21Player Name ? (Top Shelf)0000242254126
23Player Name ? (Top Shelf)0000249106
5Player Name ? (Top Shelf)0000225106
28Player Name ? (Delta Squad)226130324277550
23Player Name ? (Delta Squad)140401253368156
11Player Name ? (Delta Squad)0000313477144
4Player Name ? (Delta Squad)681140352973018
2Player Name ? (Delta Squad)0000304418456
32Player Name ? (Delta Squad)0000140106
21Player Name ? (Delta Squad)0000111491210
19Player Name ? (Delta Squad)0000121363630
11Lopez, Renee (Muscle Hamsters)1990313922420
8Delaney, James (Muscle Hamsters)0000243139257
7Duarte, Nick (Muscle Hamsters)0000101512114
6Thurab, Idrees (Muscle Hamsters)13309734126
1Kapka, Kevin (Muscle Hamsters)0000394677144
9Scilibia, Travis (Muscle Hamsters)0000484346444
13Player Name ? (Muscle Hamsters)0000242106
5Player Name ? (Muscle Hamsters)0000122103222
80Player Name ? (Muscle Hamsters)0000110106
10Kirkpatrick, A.J. (Muscle Hamsters)0000355329870
87Player Name ? (Blackout)110100273967144
21Player Name ? (Blackout)0000285428456
1J, Dashon (Blackout)1011912015144106
300Player Name ? (Blackout)3541806842012
22K, Jeff (Blackout)0000182596036
10W, Jesse (Blackout)228140395056342
54Player Name ? (Blackout)0000210106
7Player Name ? (Blackout)000019106


2Pritchett, Dieguito (Top Shelf)300000
22Player Name ? (Top Shelf)000500
21Player Name ? (Top Shelf)0001300
20Player Name ? (Top Shelf)510006
1Player Name ? (Top Shelf)310006
58Player Name ? (Top Shelf)200000
15Player Name ? (Top Shelf)400000
23Player Name ? (Top Shelf)200000
52Player Name ? (Delta Squad)400000
19Player Name ? (Delta Squad)2001300
7Player Name ? (Delta Squad)400000
84Player Name ? (Delta Squad)000700
21Player Name ? (Delta Squad)5200012
4Player Name ? (Delta Squad)210606
11Player Name ? (Delta Squad)200100
24Player Name ? (Delta Squad)200000
7Duarte, Nick (Muscle Hamsters)000200
8Delaney, James (Muscle Hamsters)000500
11Lopez, Renee (Muscle Hamsters)200800
9Scilibia, Travis (Muscle Hamsters)410106
6Thurab, Idrees (Muscle Hamsters)202202
1Kapka, Kevin (Muscle Hamsters)610106
1J, Dashon (Blackout)100400
21Player Name ? (Blackout)400000
300Player Name ? (Blackout)200000
22K, Jeff (Blackout)300000
10W, Jesse (Blackout)300200
54Player Name ? (Blackout)000600
87Player Name ? (Blackout)300000

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