San Diego:

Flag Football

Location Top Performers


90Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)221007000481.25
23Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)181372.21693204140.79
10Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)21508000260.42
8Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)1110061002131.25
1Turner, Darryl (Cold n Flu)17812771.31781227910121.46
89Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)111006000091.67
8Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)27517764.425763710135114.33
7Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)7685.75200200
3Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)1000000066.67
1Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)111004000083.33
97Player Name ? (Clockwork)111005000087.5
43Johnson, Andrew (Clockwork)22100350002118.75
14Player Name ? (Clockwork)6610087101188.89
13Player Name ? (Clockwork)181372.21453107135.23
8Player Name ? (Clockwork)11100431000158.33
3Player Name ? (Clockwork)1000000266.67
1Young, Taylor (Clockwork)27018568.523823822812123.58
100Player Name ? (Gob Nation)512012000128.75
37Acampora, Brandon (Gob Nation)12433.350110074.72
22Player Name ? (Gob Nation)22100200000108.33
12Player Name ? (Gob Nation)11100000100
5Wetzel, Matt (Gob Nation)2210071002120.83
2Player Name ? (Gob Nation)6116.710000023.19
1Browning, Sam (Gob Nation)20812158.2167122965107.13
69Player Name ? (All Talk )11100290001118.75
32Player Name ? (All Talk )221002200100
24Player Name ? (All Talk )6466.71102000149.58
12Player Name ? (All Talk )22100160001100
4Player Name ? (All Talk )11100100100108.33
3Player Name ? (All Talk )26120377.83133553093141.9
2Player Name ? (All Talk )11100100100108.33
18Green, Josh (No Punts Intended )11100101001147.92
17Player Name ? (No Punts Intended )111005000187.5
11Cachero, Ralph (No Punts Intended )1349973.9133616778123.11
7Player Name ? (No Punts Intended )795367.16561147295.18
2Player Name ? (No Punts Intended )11100100100108.33
0Sandoval, Alex (No Punts Intended )412521000144.79
59Smith, Jamar (Bandits)221001500110
17Baza, Abe (Bandits)21614768.12303352188127.33
8Player Name ? (Bandits)261765.41753110106.73
7Player Name ? (Bandits)9777.8782001142.36
85Player Name ? (Balls Deep)11100150000118.75
20Player Name ? (Balls Deep)9555.643001022.36
8Player Name ? (Balls Deep)1000000048.75
7Player Name ? (Balls Deep)9777.846101078.7
2Player Name ? (Balls Deep)21413663.61391166191070.43

Rushing & Receiving

Rushing Receiving
99Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)000091352012
90Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)0000344327143
87Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)0000243115232
23Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)33311091622012
12Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)0000102203018
10Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)0000214425334
22Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)000018106
13Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)000018205128
89Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)0000151834431
26Goyette, James (Pick Sicks)110100346308149
25Graham, Chris (Pick Sicks)000081072114
19Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)000012175106
7Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)121210314155132
3Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)0000132295030
81Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)00008672012
11Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)0000102724227
0Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)00006752012
12Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)0000253106
4Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)0000147106
5Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)000041312012
97Player Name ? (Clockwork)0000131282216
54Avila, Angel (Clockwork)0000342984330
43Johnson, Andrew (Clockwork)28406398014492
34Player Name ? (Clockwork)0000151192012
13Player Name ? (Clockwork)1272703763012984
21Velenzuela, Eddie (Clockwork)0000173217246
14Player Name ? (Clockwork)0000586106
87Player Name ? (Clockwork)0000340117
80Player Name ? (Clockwork)0000466106
100Player Name ? (Gob Nation)00003548511269
22Player Name ? (Gob Nation)0000131412317
1Browning, Sam (Gob Nation)346652043421030
98Player Name ? (Gob Nation)0000101873018
23Player Name ? (Gob Nation)0000101993120
11Dunbar, Jason (Gob Nation)000061582012
24Player Name ? (Gob Nation)0000557106
37Acampora, Brandon (Gob Nation)130300599117
99Player Name ? (All Talk )000091993120
32Player Name ? (All Talk )000034587177116
28Player Name ? (All Talk )00005180491278
24Player Name ? (All Talk )1202004572412377
12Player Name ? (All Talk )0000232605030
0Player Name ? (All Talk )00006552114
69Player Name ? (All Talk )0000224236444
4Player Name ? (All Talk )000092342216
1Player Name ? (All Talk )000011106
59Smith, Jamar (No Punts Intended )0000222758252
10Player Name ? (No Punts Intended )0000244306342
8Cachero, Jaime (No Punts Intended )0000212552012
7Player Name ? (No Punts Intended )12213181203807252
18Green, Josh (No Punts Intended )0000273824228
0Sandoval, Alex (No Punts Intended )0000985118
59Smith, Jamar (Bandits)0000213004024
21Buneo, Jose (Bandits)0000202994329
10Player Name ? (Bandits)0000344276545
8Player Name ? (Bandits)2147036711156101
7Player Name ? (Bandits)0000325918354
84Meche, Kenim (Bandits)0000172153528
99Player Name ? (Balls Deep)0000211893119
34Player Name ? (Balls Deep)11313030232117
22Player Name ? (Balls Deep)000091492012
11Player Name ? (Balls Deep)0000102143018
7Player Name ? (Balls Deep)21790193102214
85Player Name ? (Balls Deep)0000201573018
59Player Name ? (Balls Deep)00001083128
21Player Name ? (Balls Deep)000051122012


23Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)000700
90Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)000200
57Player Name ? (Cold n Flu)000200
26Goyette, James (Pick Sicks)300000
0Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)200000
89Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)000200
11Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)300000
12Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)200000
34Player Name ? (Pick Sicks)200000
34Player Name ? (Clockwork)410006
54Avila, Angel (Clockwork)110406
21Velenzuela, Eddie (Clockwork)300200
14Player Name ? (Clockwork)300000
1Young, Taylor (Clockwork)400000
1Browning, Sam (Gob Nation)000700
23Player Name ? (Gob Nation)210006
100Player Name ? (Gob Nation)200000
28Player Name ? (All Talk )0001000
24Player Name ? (All Talk )000300
21Player Name ? (All Talk )0001100
99Player Name ? (All Talk )200000
4Player Name ? (All Talk )200000
32Player Name ? (All Talk )4201012
69Player Name ? (All Talk )400000
10Player Name ? (No Punts Intended )200000
7Player Name ? (No Punts Intended )600000
7Player Name ? (Bandits)9300018
17Baza, Abe (Bandits)200100
59Smith, Jamar (Bandits)100400
10Player Name ? (Bandits)210006
22Player Name ? (Balls Deep)200000
7Player Name ? (Balls Deep)300000
21Player Name ? (Balls Deep)300000
2Player Name ? (Balls Deep)200000

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