San Diego:

Flag Football

Location Top Performers


28Player Name ? (Free Agents)111004000283.33
10Player Name ? (Free Agents)2150000100
7Player Name ? (Free Agents)886371.691314632130.69
4Player Name ? (Free Agents)714766.2616727385.02
8Garrett, Anthony (Weapon X)3266.730000299.58
2Amir, Yama (Weapon X)18514377.32019371966137.79
12Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)1000000166.25
7Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)19413469.11621217144100.41
6Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)11100100100108.33
4Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)1000000166.67
3Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)111005000287.5
1Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)3310020000294.44
50Sakhakorn, Navin (NONSTOP)11100000100
8Player Name ? (NONSTOP)11100000100
3Player Name ? (NONSTOP)1000000166.67
2Amicay, Angel (NONSTOP)15611070.51218211015993.3
44Player Name ? (DETOX)11100100001108.33
22Player Name ? (DETOX)432967.4278414477.1
14Player Name ? (DETOX)11100100000108.33
10Player Name ? (DETOX)17741.276100174.49
8Player Name ? (DETOX)15511171.6122315612794.96
6Player Name ? (DETOX)11100230000118.75
5Player Name ? (DETOX)11100400000118.75
3Player Name ? (DETOX)11100350003118.75
2Player Name ? (DETOX)111007000195.83
33Player Name ? (Commodores)11100190000118.75
30Garcia, Nobu (Commodores)614268.958910720125.74
19Greene, Joe (Commodores)11100000100
17Williams, Jesse (Commodores)1110001000106.25
4Payne, Austin (Commodores)11100230000118.75
3Hilken, Chris (Commodores)16412274.41839301847139.89
2Player Name ? (Commodores)215027000395.83

Rushing & Receiving

Rushing Receiving
19Player Name ? (Free Agents)000051122012
17Player Name ? (Free Agents)0000467106
15Player Name ? (Free Agents)00007862012
10Player Name ? (Free Agents)0000255343222
7Player Name ? (Free Agents)550100111834227
30Player Name ? (Free Agents)00008852012
13Player Name ? (Free Agents)00004682012
87Player Name ? (Free Agents)0000580118
9Player Name ? (Free Agents)000015106
6Player Name ? (Free Agents)0000463118
28Player Name ? (Free Agents)0000533106
3Player Name ? (Free Agents)0000991106
21Wetzel, Nick (Weapon X)0000184697245
8Garrett, Anthony (Weapon X)0000203025334
7Player Name ? (Weapon X)00009702012
5Herd, Ivory (Weapon X)0000243968251
1Jones, Kris (Weapon X)0000223067449
13McCarver, James (Weapon X)113130213106
99Evans, Will (Weapon X)00004702215
35Popoca, Marcos (Weapon X)115150202143323
36Seale, Samir (Weapon X)00004542012
10Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)0000132543018
4Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)000071132012
3Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)0000172486137
1Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)0000313786239
5Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)0000463106
6Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)00001073129
12Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)000010118118
2Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)0000452117
24Sweez, Manley (1UP)0000253287347
18De Waal, Corbin (1UP)0000142104125
6Player Name ? (1UP)123230232993220
59Player Name ? (1UP)00008115117
5Player Name ? (1UP)0000215117
84Player Name ? (1UP)0000558106
81Player Name ? (1UP)00009177117
13Player Name ? (1UP)000010125106
10Carnegie, Kevin (1UP)0000318106
87Ledbetter, Daniel (NONSTOP)000091404226
50Sakhakorn, Navin (NONSTOP)000019238117
17Turman, Joey (NONSTOP)0000131803119
9Garretson, Bobby (NONSTOP)0000263475131
7Burke, Ricky (NONSTOP)0000192598250
89Player Name ? (DETOX)0000152493120
26Player Name ? (DETOX)0000764106
14Player Name ? (DETOX)0000283864125
10Player Name ? (DETOX)0000213395132
44Player Name ? (DETOX)0000383332214
3Player Name ? (DETOX)0000667106
22Player Name ? (DETOX)911313027106
6Player Name ? (DETOX)0000111482113
1Player Name ? (DETOX)0000251106
89Player Name ? (Commodores)0000367118
30Garcia, Nobu (Commodores)6104171193256246
19Greene, Joe (Commodores)0000262843426
9Schleicher, Steven (Commodores)0000213986648
4Payne, Austin (Commodores)0000243919156
5Hall, Bryan (Commodores)0000132075234
29Player Name ? (Commodores)00008111118
17Williams, Jesse (Commodores)00007732114
6Schleicher, Steven (Commodores)000091801210
2Player Name ? (Commodores)000071442216
1Hargow, James (Commodores)0000121523222
55Elgar, Sean (Commodores)0000789106
33Player Name ? (Commodores)0000443106


10Player Name ? (Free Agents)300000
5Herd, Ivory (Weapon X)3205012
36Seale, Samir (Weapon X)400000
9Jhawar, Aman (Weapon X)000400
8Garrett, Anthony (Weapon X)000200
21Wetzel, Nick (Weapon X)200000
99Evans, Will (Weapon X)200000
59Osuna, Johnny (Weapon X)000200
1Player Name ? (CBAD Ballers)410506
6Player Name ? (1UP)310006
59Player Name ? (1UP)100300
24Sweez, Manley (1UP)300000
9Garretson, Bobby (NONSTOP)000300
87Ledbetter, Daniel (NONSTOP)000400
32Player Name ? (NONSTOP)300000
13Pope, Dante (NONSTOP)300000
14Player Name ? (DETOX)200000
10Player Name ? (DETOX)200000
3Player Name ? (DETOX)300000
55Elgar, Sean (Commodores)000800
9Schleicher, Steven (Commodores)300000
4Payne, Austin (Commodores)400000
17Williams, Jesse (Commodores)200000
6Schleicher, Steven (Commodores)500000
5Hall, Bryan (Commodores)4200012
1Hargow, James (Commodores)110306

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