San Diego:

Flag Football

Sun, Jun 16, 2019


14Ruso, Jared (Old and Slow)321959.4279113058.93
8Rodriguez , Joey (WAR)281657.12535410111.93
5Player Name ? (SAFTB)55100441102142.92
45Player Name ? (SAFTB)261869.21733201125.77

Rushing & Receiving

Rushing Receiving
99Player Name ? (Bomb Squad Revived)0000557000
25Caguioa, Nathan (Piranhas Next Generation)0000336000
14Williams, Taurean (Bomb Squad Revived)0000222106
12Miller, Kirk (Bomb Squad Revived)33411000000
10Rizzi, Jesse (Bomb Squad Revived)000013106
2Tear, James (Piranhas Next Generation)0000748118
0Soler, Remi (Piranhas Next Generation)0000325117
33Buras, Jeff (Piranhas Next Generation)0000318106
22Castillo, Rudy (Piranhas Next Generation)00007632113
7Dutra, Abilio (Piranhas Next Generation)110100125000
4Ignacio, Richard (Piranhas Next Generation)0000253000
99Player Name ? (Free Agents)0000333117
15Nellis, Bryce (Free Agents)124240110012
12Player Name ? (Free Agents)0000441106
11Smith, Xsavier (Free Agents)000028011
9Caguioa, Ern (Piranhas Next Generation)228140245000
1Smith, Moses (Free Agents)1660212106
22Castillo, Rudy (Piranhas Next Generation)0000323011
7Dutra, Abilio (Piranhas Next Generation)0000572106
4Ignacio, Richard (Piranhas Next Generation)0000319000
2Tear, James (Piranhas Next Generation)0000428106
69Player Name ? (Monkey Blitz)0000112000
13Salcedo, Marc (Bench Mob)000011100117
9Player Name ? (Monkey Blitz)446120175106
2Moctezuma, Rene (Monkey Blitz)0000322000
1Fieber, Ardy (Monkey Blitz)0000351106
43Antonio, Kyle (Bench Mob)116160234000
30Player Name ? (Bench Mob)0000333000
23Player Name ? (Bench Mob)0000429000
17Player Name ? (Bench Mob)0000125106
7Player Name ? (Bench Mob)0000561000
3Vannarath, Anthony (Bench Mob)144000000
25Brown, Zachary (Spartans)00007932113
24Veronesi, Edwin (Spartans)155071242113
18Brunelle, Brendan (Spartans)0000666128
8Chavez, Josiah (Fu We Lost)000010119117
4Lopez, Nicholas (Spartans)45213000000
3Contretas, Brian (Fu We Lost)0000141192215
17Tejeda, Alex (Fu We Lost)37224100006
13Mosher, Ray (Fu We Lost)0000432129
11Valtierra, AJ (Fu We Lost)0000546106
0Player Name ? (Fu We Lost)0000350106
31Phillips, Tye (Crocodile Hunters)0000111106
27R., Tim (The Other Guys)226130547128
26Hall, Jeff (Crocodile Hunters)0000260106
11Player Name ? (The Other Guys)0000342106
1Player Name ? (Crocodile Hunters)0000337000
24B., Mike (The Other Guys)0000210106
19., Justin (The Other Guys)0000255000
12S., Daniel (The Other Guys)0000776106
2F., Josh (The Other Guys)00005512012
0S., Sam (The Other Guys)21910015011
87Donaldson, Trent (Catch the Ball)0000321106
80Aikman, Brandon (Catch the Ball)0000111000
42Brucks, Dan (Catch the Ball)0000485012
24B., Mike (The Other Guys)0000537117
15Tinkham, Billy (Catch the Ball)00003952012
11Player Name ? (The Other Guys)218905413018
19., Justin (The Other Guys)0000337000
12S., Daniel (The Other Guys)000011122118
2F., Josh (The Other Guys)0000363000
0S., Sam (The Other Guys)21790114106
22Mcatee, Josh (Godspeed)0000324000
7Cantwell, Joseph (Godspeed)000071013119
5Hernandez, Isaac (Godspeed)000017000
3Player Name ? (The B Squad)41343424300114
2Schultz, Johnny (Godspeed)59920100006
1Garcia, Tito (Godspeed)0000112000
0Player Name ? (Godspeed)111110221000
82Rayos, Anthony (The B Squad)143430693118
43Player Name ? (The B Squad)0000440106
23Player Name ? (The B Squad)0000113000
13Player Name ? (The B Squad)000015106
83Perez, Jay (Hotboyz )0000456000
32Thai, Brandon (Hotboyz )0000429106
19Nguyen, Darry (Hotboyz )0000237000
11Player Name ? (Guerre)0000546000
5Cruz -Baker, Diego (Hotboyz )33311000000
4Chheang, Angel (Hotboyz )000016000
3Sparks, Jayson (Hotboyz )000017000
13Player Name ? (Guerre)0000247106
9Player Name ? (Guerre)0000210000
8Player Name ? (Guerre)0000323000
7McGill, Henry (Guerre)0000118000
6Brooks, Gio (Guerre)000051503018
69Player Name ? (Handle with Care)0000582000
55Player Name ? (Handle with Care)000015000
37Player Name ? (Handle with Care)22111000000
16Player Name ? (Handle with Care)0000446012
5Cruz -Baker, Diego (Hotboyz )000071083018
3Sparks, Jayson (Hotboyz )15508942113
32Thai, Brandon (Hotboyz )0000758106
19Nguyen, Darry (Hotboyz )0000459000
11Tran, Tommy (Hotboyz )0000434106
4Chheang, Angel (Hotboyz )0000644012
18Lewis, Daniel (Old and Slow)0000220000
13Diaz, Henry (Old and Slow)0000117000
7McGill, Henry (WAR)000041323018
2Fitzmaurice, Jack (Old and Slow)00007111011
1Ramirez, Juice (Old and Slow)0000446000
80Scotto, Lenny (WAR)000019000
25Whiteside, Chris (WAR)0000423033
24Player Name ? (WAR)0000123000
15Player Name ? (WAR)0000117000
11Charley, Greg (WAR)00004472119
8Rodriguez , Joey (WAR)3238000000
6Brooks, Gio (WAR)0000287106
22Player Name ? (The U)1202019662018
13Player Name ? (Goon Squad)166000000
7Ibarra, Jorge (Goon Squad)1131301181117
5G, A (Goon Squad)000015011
2Player Name ? (The U)0000359000
27Player Name ? (The U)0000117000
26Player Name ? (The U)0000215012
21Player Name ? (The U)000015000
10Player Name ? (The U)0000335000
1Player Name ? (The U)000018106
45Player Name ? (SAFTB)2179000000
21Player Name ? (SAFTB)00005100106
13Player Name ? (SAFTB)0000217000
10Player Name ? (Droppin Dimes)0000121254024
4Player Name ? (SAFTB)000015000
2Player Name ? (SAFTB)000027106
0Player Name ? (SAFTB)00003142012
41Player Name ? (Droppin Dimes)0000326000
25Player Name ? (Droppin Dimes)0000544000
23Player Name ? (Droppin Dimes)0000561014
19Player Name ? (Droppin Dimes)0000110012
5Player Name ? (Droppin Dimes)00004552012
3Player Name ? (Droppin Dimes)45815000000
45Player Name ? (SAFTB)23719000000
22Player Name ? (SAFTB)0000120000
21Player Name ? (SAFTB)0000454106
17Player Name ? (SAFTB)000016000
13Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)00001089129
10Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)0000523000
5Player Name ? (SAFTB)2179000000
4Player Name ? (SAFTB)0000426011
2Player Name ? (SAFTB)00006732012
1Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)0000210117
88Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)000018000
24Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)0000423106
15Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)00006442012
11Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)0000140000
3Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)3238000000
84Player Name ? (All Money In)0000222000
10Player Name ? (Thundercats HOOOO)000011893119
7Player Name ? (All Money In)000011137117
4Player Name ? (All Money In)0000221000
0Player Name ? (Thundercats HOOOO)0000976000
50DJ MIKE , Iron (Thundercats HOOOO)0000317011
45Player Name ? (Thundercats HOOOO)0000160106
11Johnny d, Jd (Thundercats HOOOO)0000226000
51TIME, ZAY (Thundercats HOOOO)000041503018


15Nellis, Bryce (Free Agents)100002
1Smith, Moses (Free Agents)200006
11Parra, Anthony (Monkey Blitz)100000
9Player Name ? (Monkey Blitz)100006
23Player Name ? (Bench Mob)300000
5Player Name ? (Fu We Lost)100000
1Player Name ? (Crocodile Hunters)200000
19., Justin (The Other Guys)200000
12S., Daniel (The Other Guys)000106
0S., Sam (The Other Guys)100001
24B., Mike (The Other Guys)000107
12S., Daniel (The Other Guys)100008
11Player Name ? (The Other Guys)0001018
0S., Sam (The Other Guys)100006
7Cantwell, Joseph (Godspeed)1000019
3Player Name ? (The B Squad)2000014
1Garcia, Tito (Godspeed)000100
24Player Name ? (The B Squad)000100
10Player Name ? (The B Squad)000100
13Player Name ? (Guerre)000106
7McGill, Henry (Guerre)100000
5Cruz -Baker, Diego (Hotboyz )1000018
24Player Name ? (Hotboyz )000100
4Chheang, Angel (Hotboyz )100002
7McGill, Henry (WAR)1000018
25Whiteside, Chris (WAR)100003
11Charley, Greg (WAR)1100019
6Brooks, Gio (WAR)100006
22Player Name ? (The U)0001018
7Ibarra, Jorge (Goon Squad)100007
13Player Name ? (SAFTB)100000
25Player Name ? (Droppin Dimes)100000
23Player Name ? (Droppin Dimes)102004
7Player Name ? (SAFTB)000100
1Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)100107
24Player Name ? (Too Much Sauce)000106
84Player Name ? (All Money In)000100
51TIME, ZAY (Thundercats HOOOO)1000018
1Jtoorraawwww, Josh (Thundercats HOOOO)000100
0Player Name ? (Thundercats HOOOO)000100

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