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5v5 Basketball Rules

Game Rules and Regulations

Official basketball rules, as set forth by the NCAA, will be used with the exception of any local Flight Action Sports (FAS) league rules.


1.)    All player(s)/participant(s) must sign the FAS Adult Waiver/Roster form before participating.    It is the team captain’s responsibility to verify that each player has been included on their team’s roster and waiver before any game is played.

2.)    All player(s)/participant(s) must be 18 years or older unless a FAS Minor Liability Release Waiver is signed by that player’s parent(s) or guardian(s).


1.)    Teams may carry up to 14 players on their roster during any given season.  Players are allowed to be added (or subtracted) up to the fifth (5th) game (not fifth week) of the regular season.    Players may only play on one team in the same division in any Flight Action Sports basketball league.

3.)    A team consists of five players on the court.  A team must have a minimum of four players on the court to start a game.  If a team does not have at least four players by 10 minutes after the scheduled game starting time then that team will be charged with a forfeit.

4.)    FAS players must participate in at least three games during the 10-game regular season in order to qualify for playoffs.


1.)    All team players must wear the same color shirts/jerseys (uniforms) with permanent numbers on the back as a minimum requirement.  Jersey numbers on the front of the uniform as well as on the back is highly recommended.

2.)    Jewelry is prohibited.

3.)     Beginning in Week Two of the regular season, teams will be penalized two points per player wearing an illegal jersey.  NOTE:This rule is only enforced if the opposing team captain protests and brings it to the attention of the officials and league manager before the game begins.


1.)    Two point field goal – A shot made from anywhere during play inside the 3 pt. arc.

2.)    Three point field goal – A shot made from anywhere outside the 3 pt. arc.

3.)    Free throw- One point is awarded to an unguarded shot taken from behind the free throw line while the clock is stopped.


1.)    The game consists of two, 20-minute halves.

2.)    The first half is a “running clock”, stopping only for officials and team timeouts.

3.)    The game clock will stop during the last two minutes of the second half (“regulation clock”) if the score is within 15 points (15 points or fewer) in the following situations:

A.)    Out of bounds

B.)    Player injuries

C.)    A field goal is scored

D.)    Official/Team time outs

E.)    A foul is called

4.)    FAS uses a 35-second shot clock.   The shot clock will reset to 35 seconds each time the ball hits the rim, a foul is called, a kick ball or a change of possession occurs.  If a jump ball is called the shot clock will NOT be reset if the team in possession of the ball prior to the jump ball retains possession.

5.)    FAS uses a 10-second backcourt count

6.)    Teams are allowed two (2) – 30 second timeouts per half.  Each team is entitled to one (1), 30-second timeout per overtime.

7.)    Half-time is three minutes

8.)    If a team is leading by 30 points or more in the second half, that team is not allowed to use their remaining timeouts.


1.)    All players shall respect the calls of the Flight Action Sports (FAS) officials

2.)    No fighting.  Any player involved in fighting (whether it was instigated or not) shall be immediately ejected from the game and subject to further suspension depending on the severity of the incident and at the discretion of the league.  Games may be “double-forfeited” as a result of fighting.  Teams or players who instigate fights will be expelled from the league.  League fees and ref fees will not be refunded for expulsions as a result of fighting.

3.)    Any player who threatens or abuses (either physically or verbally) an official during any part of the game will be ejected from the game with the likeliness of being suspended for at least one week of games.  Reinstatement into the league will be based on the severity of the incident.

4.)    Excessive profanity on the field or sidelines (may or may not receive an official’s warning).

5.)      Absolutely no food or beverages are allowed on the court; ONLY WATER IS ALLOWED.  No sunflower seeds, sports drinks, gum, etc.

6.)    No cigarettes, cigars or other forms of tobacco or illegal drugs on premises

7.)     Alcohol is prohibited at all locations, including the parking lots.  Violators will be banned from future attendance

8.)    Team captains AND players are responsible for the conduct of their fans and guests.  Failure to adequately supervise fans/guests will result in suspension and/or forfeiture of games


1.)    Players foul out after their fifth (5th) personal foul.

2.)    If a team runs out of players to sub in for or the team only has five players, a player with five personal fouls may remain on the floor, but every personal foul committed by a player that has exceeded his limit will result in a technical foul. This will result in two shots and the ball for the opposing team.


1.)     A substitute must report to the scoreboard operator before entering the game.

2.)    Substitutions may be made during dead ball periods

3.)    During free throw attempts

4.)    Teams may substitute freely during timeouts or between periods

5.)    The substitute shall remain behind the boundary line until confirmed by the official


1.)    Forfeit fees ($90 per team) must be paid to the league director within 48 hours of occurrence.  The $90 covers both teams’ ref/stats fees and scoreboard operator fees for that forfeited game.  Failure to comply with this ruling will result in that team being eliminated from further play until it is covered.

2.)    Teams must contact league director within 24 hours prior to scheduled game time to avoid being charged forfeit fee.

3.)    If a team forfeits two (2) games in a season, the team will be dropped from the league for the remainder of the season.

4.)    In the event of a double forfeit, both teams are responsible for paying their respective forfeit fees according to the above policy, $40.00 each, within 48 hours.  Both teams will also receive one loss.


1.)     Three (3) minute game clock.

2.)     Overtime shall be started by a jump ball at center court.

3.)     Regulation clock in the last minute of play in overtime.

4.)    There is one (1) timeout awarded for each overtime period.

5.)    In the event of double-overtime (O.T.), there is a one (1) minute game clock and each team is awarded one (1) timeout.

6.)    If triple O.T. occurs, the game clock will not be turned on and the first team that scores wins the game.  There are no timeouts in triple-overtime.

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