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Tournament Rules


  1. Players are not allowed to play on more than one team in either division
  2. Team captains must provide a complete roster of players via email once payment is submitted
  3. Once any team in either Div. I or Div. II loses their second game of the day, they are automatically eliminated from advancing within the tournament.
  4. Team deposits are non-refundable.


  1. All players shall respect the calls of the Flight Action Sports (FAS) officials.
  2. No fighting.  Any player involved in fighting (whether it was instigated or not) shall be immediately ejected from the game and subject to further suspension from tournament play, depending on the severity of the incident and at the discretion of the tournament directors and staff.  Games may be “double-forfeited” as a result of fighting.  Teams or players who instigate fights could and/or will be expelled from the tournament.  Tournament fees and ref fees will not be refunded for expulsions as a result of fighting.
  3. Any player who threatens or abuses (either physically or verbally) an official during any part of a game will be ejected from the game.  Reinstatement into the tournament will be based on the severity of the incident.
  4. Players receiving a second personal foul in the same game will be automatically ejected.
  5. Teams must clean up the messes made on their sideline following the game.  There is absolutely no littering; this includes sunflower seeds.
  6. There is no counting down the five-second play clock out loud.  Officials will give a warning for the first offense but a second offense will result in a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.


  1. Use of foul language, profanity, or taunting an opponent
  2. Contact or arguing with an official
  3. Any unethical offensive or language defiance of the official’s judgment or decision
  4. Conduct detrimental to the positive image of 6-Man Eligible flag football leagues and tournament league play

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